Here for you

I’m here to serve you, support you, and help you be successful, while still having time to have a life outside real estate.

An Exemplary End Result

After being a Realtor for 20 years, I’ve seen and experienced the stress of trying to juggle all that an agent has to do. Trying to get more leads and customers, turn them into clients, schedule and do showings, research, and then all the paperwork involved once they are ready to make an offer or once an offer is received. All this while continuing to stir the pot and get more clients! Let me take some of that load off of you.

Take a look at the list of my services below.

My Services

Contract & Paperwork

  • Review contract and addenda for accuracy and completion¬†
  • Obtain any missing documents, initials, or signatures¬†
  • Share copies of documents with all appropriate parties
  • Submit paperwork to your firm for review if required
  • Adhere to your firm’s document checklist and closing requirements
  • Organize paperwork and update transaction details in your firm’s system
  • Ensure escrow funds are delivered and signed for
  • Send receipt of escrow funds to appropriate parties
  • Upload copies of inspection reports and invoices to your file
  • Keep track of important deadlines throughout the transaction
  • Send you a transaction status summary weekly

Paperwork, documents, etc. are available 24/7 in your virtual transaction file


  • Introduce myself to your clients as your closing coordinator
  • Issue a welcome email with instructions for next steps
  • Send reminders before upcoming deadlines and appointments
  • Request or pass along utility information to buyers
  • Remind sellers to schedule utility shut off
  • Remind buyers to shop for homeowner’s insurance
  • Remind sellers to insure property until the deed is recorded
  • Ensure your clients have all the details and know what to expect for the final walkthrough and closing


  • Open file with closing attorney
  • Send fully executed contract and addenda to attorney
  • Assist in completion of required buyer/seller information checklists or engagement letters
  • Ensure attorney has copies of all new documents including contract amendments and invoices paid at closing
  • Schedule closing day and time and notify all parties
  • Alert all parties once the deed has been recorded


  • Open file with the lender
  • Deliver fully executed contract and addenda
  • Share any new documents or contract amendments with them
  • Ensure appraisal has been ordered, accepted, and request a due date
  • Maintain frequent check-ins on appraisal and loan approval status